Precise results through the most innovative technology

  • All of our drug safety monitoring testing will utilize the LC/MS/MS, otherwise known as the “Superior Standard” for analytical quantitation.
  • State-of-the-art method along with precise results means you can trust NW Labs to help formulate safety decisions for your patients.

Prompt Results

  • We provide our partners with industry leading 48-hour turnaround time for quantitative results. We accomplish this through the optimization of our laboratory testing procedure and by employing the most qualified and experienced laboratory staff.
Our Benefits
Our Benefits

Comprehensive Customized Panels

  • We deliver a widespread customizable offering of urine drug testing panels.

Our Amenities

  • Tailored collection and pick-up services
  • A widespread drug safety testing menu
  • Customizable drug testing possibilities
  • Remote consultation with our toxicology experts
  • Simple, easy-to-read and time sensible reports
  • Numerous reporting options